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If you are searching for Flats in Mira Road, POONAM ESTATE is an embodiment of all that is glorious. Relish the refreshing greens and the spacious interiors or the multi-layered open spaces, elevated by a podium which offers an unfettered view in all the four cardinal directions.Apart from these top 3 things, state of the art safety technology and modern security measures are the features you must look for in a residential project.
Invest in new residential projects in Mira Bhayandar, the trending real estate micro market
What makes the new residential projects in Mira Bhayandar so popular among the real estate investors? Which are the new projects in Mira Bhayandar? And is it true that

the real estate price at this location is currently affordable for the interested buyers? Let’s look at these pointers in depth and find out if Mira Road is indeed the place where

one should invest in the future.
It is just a matter of money. Pay good money and get better house for your future. A lot of people are there who don’t have enough budget to buy the flat. Unique Shanti

helps them for buying flat in Mira road. 1 bhk and 2 bhk flat in Mira Road from other builders are highly expensive.
Here at Mira road several developers are developing their respective projects. There are more than 7000-8000 brokers are there to sell 1, 2, 3 BHK flat in Mira road.

Developers here include Unique Shanti Developer, RNA CORP, Shanghvi Group of companies, Arcade group, Owtwal builders and many more.
The reasons are many. Apartments are no longer affordable. And affordable ones tend to be far from places of work, and involve tedious commutes. Also, many youngsters are not sure whether their work will keep them in Mumbai for long. They worry their “asset might turn into a liability” so why buy flats in Mira road, .